Combat or recognise the symptom?

Personal development and individual initiative are now the two facets of the new rule of the social game, inducing generalised competition, although often difficult to manage without sequelae.

We experience stress daily for example and we accept it as something normal. However, its impact is huge not only on our relationships with others, but on our vitality, physical and mental, leading to reduced sensory perception and poorer cognitive performance. Stress is our cells’ worst enemy, it causes many disorders which manifest themselves in various ways, depending on their sensitivity and field.

We can fight against the consequences of stress for example with allopathic products. We can use other therapies but which always have the effect of combating the symptom.

Therefore, in herbal medicine, there are plants which perform an action on the specific targets of the body. There are different ways of “combating” the symptoms.

Similarly, they take into account the regulation mechanisms specific to each one and disregard different metabolisms, environments etc., management is performed by the body itself and therefore confer total biocompatibility to it which limits undesirable effects and any interaction between the different treatments in progress as much as possible.