Our Know-How

The Microgranule

Phytogranule Activa

A patented pharmaceutical galenic formulation

  • Protection of active ingredients and scheduled release: Optimal efficiency
  • Low dosage: 1 to 2 taken a day, different types of administration : Convenient to take
  • Passes through the pylorus: Fast acting
  • Multiparticulate form: Increase in exchange surfaces
  • Hidden taste and smell: Best comfort

A real difference in food supplementation

A technological innovation ensuring :

  • The sustained release of active ingredients, 
  • The controlled release of active ingredients,
  • Delayed release,
  • Increased gastroprotection (96% of active ingredients are protected)

Principle :

  • Multiparticulate form (no lumping)
  • Increase in exchange surfaces
  • Quickly passes through the pylorus (less time spend passing through the gastric barrier)
  • Maximum release of active ingredients at the right place (assimilation)

Advantages :

  • Fewer daily doses
  • One-off doses
  • 3 types of administration: capsules, under the tongue, in yoghurt, etc…

Our know-how

  • Assembly protocol: combinations of active ingredients
  • All-round action: Take all aspects of the dysfunction into account
  • Safety and effectiveness : bioavailability, biocompatibility
  • Quality of active ingredients without any concessions: dry standardised titrated extracts, high content of tracers (active principles), traceability of active ingredients, no GMOs or pesticides.
  • Low dosage (1 microgranule capsule = 5 capsules of conventional powder).
  • Importance of the dosage of ingredients: The right dose
  • Benefit from the synergy effect.
  • Does not “hide” a plant’s action by a bigger dosage than another.
  • Balance the actions between each other
  • Prioritise the actions sought (vectoring)

Importance of the choice of ingredients

  • Quality (salts for minerals and plants)
  • Complementarity of actions
  • The problem is not only targeted but the sphere is processed as a whole (urinary, sleep, joints, etc.)


  • Long-term action
  • Besides the treatment, the organs and functions concerned are rebalanced