Patented technology

The Microgranule technology explained

The microgranule, an innovative and patented pharmaceutical form that allows a protection of the active ingredients and their targeted release into the body, thus promoting rapid and effective action.

Activa complexes are designed taking into account the self-regulatory capacity of the organism. The active ingredients support the natural regulation of the mechanisms by providing the necessary nutrients in a targeted way.

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New generation complexes

The cell itself acts on the disturbance, thanks to a synergy of active ingredients blended in an innovative way
nutritional supplement – disturbance

An innovative blending and product assembly method for perfect biocompatibility and bioavaibility
With quality of active ingredients :

  • Standardised titrated dry extracts

  • High in trace constituents (active ingredients)

  • Traceability of active ingredients

  • Guaranteed safety: analysis of raw materials as standard
  • GMO and pesticide free

Patented pharmaceutical form

  • 96% of active ingredients protected
  • Easy intake and compliance : 1 microgranule capsule = 5 conventional caspules

  • Adjustable intake according to the individual or the dysfunction
  • Masked taste and smell

Controlled release

Immediate Release

– 80% of actives released within 45 minutes –

Extended Release

– Continuous action
for 8 hours –

Delayed Release

– Protection of active ingredients
sensitive to stomach acidity –

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