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Our objective is to design a new generation of nutritional supplements, taking into account all the physiological mechanisms of the human body.

  • Activa ingredients – 100% natural
  • Formulations – assembled in sequence for optimum synergy
  • Microgranules – gastro protected for optimum and fast absorption in stomach

The innovative technology of microgranules, offers gastro protection of plant extracts for optimum absorption, a targetted release in the organism, resulting in a fast and efficient action.

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Laboratoires Activa innovative supplements are formulated
to create a synergy between
active ingredients
(plants and trace elements)
and optimise their targeted delivery.


Our solutions are 100% natural,
GMO pesticide and heavy metals free.


Each product is developed using a sophisticated blending protocol, guaranteeing bioavailability
and biocompatibility.


Activa’s multidisciplinary team is working in collaboration with natural doctors, in order to contribute to advances
in cellular nutrition research.

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