Activa, a patented technology

Activa offers a unique and patented galenic innovation: Microgranules applied to phytotherapy.

The unique delivery system of microgranules, offers numerous benefits and advantages compared to classic galenic forms such as powders:

– Guarantee of bioavailability and therefore optimal efficiency,
– A patented biocompatible neutral nucleus and a semipermeable membrane ensuring the protection and release of 96% of the active ingredients
– Multi-particle shape offer an increased surface of exchanges
– Guarantee of a fast passage of the pylorus for a fast action
– Microgranules allow prolonged and controlled release of active ingredients, with a “delay” action
– Better consumer compliance and convenience of use:

  • with a reduced dosage and better comfort by masking the taste and smell of some plant extracts
  • Microgranules, gathered in a capsule, are particularly suitable for people suffering from swallowing difficulties or prone to “wrong path” swallowing since their membrane allows a good distribution of active ingredients even if they are mixed with a product such as yogurt, for example. Opening the capsules does not alter the effectiveness of the ingredients (except for “delayed” release formula), makes it easier to take and allows the dosage to be respected by people who have difficulty swallowing.

Activa complexes are designed taking into account the self-regulatory capacity of the organism. The active ingredients combined with this top-edge, unique and innovative technology of plant extracts microgranules, engage, encourage and support organic natural regulatory mechanisms by providing the necessary nutrients in a targeted way when they are needed the most and without side effects.