Controlled release, a unique differentiation for health supplements

Controlled release offers a unique differentiation when it comes to supplementation. It allows the diffusion of the active ingredients either at a specific time and/or during a specific length of time. This is very beneficial depending on the area of the body and the function we are targeting.

Laboratoires Activa supplements use the microgranule technology that offers 3 types of controlled release:
– Immediate release
– Extended release
– Delayed release

The microgranule technology enables the protection of the actives thanks to a semi-permeable outer membrane designed to protect the ingredients from gastric acidity and dissolve according to the targeted action.

– Immediate Release –

80% of the actives are released over a period of 45 minutes.  The active ingredients in the microgranules are rapidly released for the body to use them immediately.

– Delayed Release –

Delayed release is used for formulations that require very specific release at a targeted time/area such as pre- and probiotics. As they require gastro-protection they will be released after passing through the stomach.

– Extended Release –

We are able to cover an 8 hours period over which the active ingredients are delivered to the body. This is particularly useful and effective to address conditions that require a prolonged action such as sleep.

Controlled release is one of the many key benefits offered by Laboratoires Activa range of natural supplements, thanks to the unique technology of microgranules.