Galenic form: powder or microgranule?

The rate of release and bioavailability of an active ingredient depending on its galenic formulation may be modified by technological or formulation processes. This is why delayed-release forms are most often tablets or gastro-resistant capsules (capsules), releasing the active ingredient into the intestine instead of the stomach.

A capsule naturally contains an active part composed of powder or microgranules. Microgranules were initially associated with a particular function: gastro-resistance, prolonged release, etc. But the latest scientific advances and research on bioavailability have shown a clear preeminence of microgranules over powder in general.

From the moment of manufacture:
– Microgranules are much less sensitive to dust contamination than powder,
– They allow a homogeneous, precise and efficient blend of the active ingredients, which is very difficult to obtain with powder,
– The coating of the microgranule masks the possible taste or smell of the active ingredients and allows them to be consumed “out of capsule”, sublingually,
– Their conservation is excellent, unlike powder which is very sensitive to humidity.

After ingestion, their rate of release, dissolution and absorption is better controlled and allows for better availability:
– The specific coatings of the microgranules preserve the stability of the active ingredients and ensure real controlled release or gastro-protection properties,
– Microgranules are better distributed because they do not agglomerate in a humid environment, unlike powder,
– This controlled release of microgranules into the gastrointestinal tract increases the exchange surfaces and the availability of active ingredients in the body,
– Preserved as such, a maximum of active ingredients is delivered to our body allowing us to reduce daily intakes and reduce treatment costs compared to a powder treatment or formulation.

Adapting this galenic form to phytovitality allows (with the selection of active ingredients) optimal bioavailability and biocompatibility for real effectiveness on the targeted zone, without adverse side effect.
Activa patented technology combines the galenic form of microgranules and its high advantages to the benefits of phytotherapy using herbal extracts to strengthen the body’s natural self-regulation. This innovation is called phytovitality.