the subtle balance to respect the body physiology

Biocompatibility defines the capacity of a substance designed to interact with a living organism without interfering, disrupting or modifying the later. Biocompatible is a term commonly used in the medical world to refer to medical implants or prosthetic materials used for humans and designed to be in harmonious interaction with the receiving body without creating a disturbance in its functions and physiology.

In the world of health supplements and medication, it applies to the capacity of the substances or active ingredients used, to be assimilated and/or active without creating any disturbance in the organism. This concept should be of prime focus in the research and development phase of any product. Making sure the formulation will fulfil its targeted function with total respect of the delicate physiology of the body.

This is made possible by taking into account the organism-environment where the active ingredients will be released, the targeted function to support, but also the possible interaction between the various composing substances, as well as the general overview of the human body as a complex system where every vital functions are interconnected. Targeting a specific area could affect the physiology of another.

Laboratories Activa herbal supplements blends, do not ever fight against a symptom but aim to strengthen the body’s natural self-regulation so that it recovers all its vitality through cellular stimulation and regulation. The regulation is performed by the body itself and therefore confer total biocompatibility, which limits the undesirable effects and any interaction between the different treatments in progress.

The body is then respected and will enable its cells to regulate the dysfunction, supported by the targeted action of the synergy of dry titrated extracts (the most active principles of a plant) offering the necessary ability to fight in order to maintain optimum vitality daily without supplementing them.