The 5 pillars of Phytovitality,
supporting cellular regulation


PhytoVitality uses the proven benefits of plants extracts combined with the advantages of microencapsulation technology to bring the best benefits and efficiency in herbal supplementation. This complete and comprehensive approach of wellness and human physiology aims at stimulating organic auto-regulation. It is developed using essential principles, pillars to ensure unique advantages of high-quality products with uncompromised quality, high efficacy and optimal results.

I – Selection of complementary active ingredients
Each active ingredient is selected for its known benefits but also for its synergistic potential when combined with others.
Advantages :
– Maximising synergy and increasing the potential of each plant
– Preventing antagonistic actions of active ingredients
– Developing unique blends of active ingredients

II – Quality first: ensuring consistency and safety

The high quality of the raw materials selected is the promise of uncompromised quality and guaranteed consistency using:
– Natural active ingredients, no GMOs or pesticides
– Dry titrated extracts
– High concentration of tracers

III – Patented blending protocols

Part of a unique and patented know-how, the blending protocols give life to precise “smart” blends with emerging properties and potent action.
The protocols aim to :
– Obtain a homogeneous complex to enhance each plant’s action
– Achieve a specific blend of active ingredients to obtain the correct sequence of action in the body
– Apply the precise right dose of active ingredients for fast and effective action

IV – Global action

For the best chances of full recovery without returning symptoms, it is important to treat a condition and all its related manifestations. Within a system dysfunction, there are a few “issues” to address.
– The active ingredients are selected to work synergistically to address and treat each and every aspect of the dysfunction

Example: Addressing the whole aspects of Urinary Tract Infection

V – Bioavailable & Biocompatible
– Perfect assimilation without causing any side effect in the body.
– When addressing a specific “sphere” / zone, we make sure that other zones “systems” in the body are not affected and disrupted (biocompatibility)

Developing complexes that offer 96% of bioavailability, gives the best potential for the body to assimilate the active ingredients and make use of their benefits.
An essential founding ground of phytoVitality is to address human physiology in its whole, taking into account the connection between different organ systems. Addressing one could impact another and induce side effects. For this reason, the importance of achieving biocompatibility is essential.