The natural Vitamin C supplement with high absorption rate

Known as a strong antioxidant, Vitamin C also helps stimulate immune functions and the healing process. It also helps fight physical and intellectual fatigue and improve concentration. Great support for the adrenals, It is an essential vitamin that the organism cannot produce.

With new farming and food manufacturing techniques, our diet is depleted in vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C supplementation has thus become a necessity to provide the minimum required dosage for healthy individuals but also to support healing and recovery for convalescent persons.

Laboratoires Activa proposes a 100% natural vitamin C supplement with extracts from Acerola and Camu camu. 2 fruits known for their highest concentration and content in vitamin C

Natural vitamin C is the form that is the most assimilable by the body. Unfortunately, vitamin C is also one of the most unstable vitamins as it has a fast and high oxidation rate, affecting its bioavailability in the body.

For this reason, Activa’s new Starter Vit C microgranule formula, using the encapsulated microgranule technology, is a natural vitamin C supplement with low oxidation, providing better assimilation and availability for the body. A differentiated advantage from most vitamin C supplements.

Microgranules allow a controlled release and a larger surface of exchange as the pellets are released and dispersed at their point of absorption in the body. Finally, they offer better shelf-life stability and protection, a differentiated advantage, particularly for vitamin C.

What is in Activa natural Vitamin C Supplement “Starter Vit C”:

Each Starter Vit C capsule contains 150 mg of natural Vitamin C. The serving dose of 2 caps, represents 374% of the Daily Recommended Allowance*.

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