4 Reasons to Choose Activa

Each individual is unique, and though we share the same biology, our needs and the way our bodies perform are different. Laboratoires Activa puts the concept of bio-individuality and cellular autoregulation at the heart of the research and development of its health supplements.

Why choose Activa?

Choose Phytovitality

Laboratoires Activa use natural plant extracts

  • Acting to restore balance, nourish and not fight a dysfunction
  • Taking into account and sustaining the self-regulating mechanism of the organism
  • Regulating rather than supplementing, fast and efficient action without creating disturbance

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Innovative Blending

Complex and specific assembly protocols for perfect biocompatibility and bioavailability

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Gastroprotected Microgranule and patented technology

Activa offers a unique and patented galenic innovation: Microgranules applied to phytotherapy. The unique delivery system of microgranules, offers numerous benefits and advantages compared to classic galenic forms such as powders.

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Controlled release

Laboratoires Activa supplements use the microgranule technology that offers 3 types of controlled release:

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