Immunity 101 by Activa

Immunity is our body’s capacity to adapt and have an adequate response to fight external pathogens, an infection, or a disease and to maintain optimum health. We are born with an immunity “capital” which evolves, adapts, and becomes “acquired” throughout life.
Our cells keep in memory these protective mechanisms, in order to repeat them to fight future aggressions. This process is innate and when automatically engaged, the body enters a mode of auto-regulation.

Unfortunately, at times, this auto-regulation capacity of the body to maintain optimum health, can malfunction or be weakened and our protective barriers, such as the oral, digestive, vaginal flora (entry points of possible infectious pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungus) are no longer effective. Exposure to certain factors, such as stress, poor nutrition, certain medication use, and exposure to antigens, as well as the environment can be the cause of this impairment.
In other cases, an imbalance in the immune response of the body could attack our own cells and system, resulting in what is called an auto-immune response.

With more than 20 years in innovation, manufacturing, and distribution of natural nutritional supplements to support cellular auto-regulation, Laboratoires Activa has developed a range of biocompatible and bioavailable complexes that support immunity, vitality, and well-being.

Our microbiome plays an essential role in supporting immunity. Not only is it our first line of defense protecting us from anything we ingest, but the bacteria that compose the microbiota act synergistically to maintain balance, produce essential vitamins, short-chain fatty acids, and immune regulating molecules.

Activa Symbiotic is a complex made of 12 billion of gastro-protective bacteria from 4 strains together with 3 prebiotics to stimulate and support the growth of healthy bacteria.

The microgranule technology allows optimum gastro-protection and controlled release when the micro platelets reach the gut offering optimum bio assimilation.

Laboratoires Activa, recently launched SymbioGyn’, a formula designed for the balance and protection of the feminine sphere. The complex contains 4 specifically selected probiotics and 3 prebiotics for the balance of the vaginal microbiota.

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Royal Jelly with 4.46% of 10DHA, its main bioactive compound proven to be very extremely effective to boost immunity, is combined with propolis, a 100% natural antibiotic, thyme and amino acids.

This bioavailable complex benefits from the synergy of its active ingredients. Activa Immunity stimulates the body’s natural defenses and immune response.

6 natural active ingredients to strengthen natural defenses.

Activa Chrono HRPS is particularly effective to boost immunity and fight viral infections of cold sores from the herpes family.

Vitamin C is a powerful component that our body cannot produce and that supports natural defenses, helps repair and grow healthy tissues and increases other nutrients absorption among all its amazing benefits.

Activa Acerola Starter is a Vitamin C complex made of Acerola fruit combined with Camu-camu. Both high in their natural vitamin C content, they have strong antioxidant and immune boosting properties.

Macro-nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fat as well as micro-nutrients such as minerals and vitamins are essential for body functions. Generally provided by the food and water we consume, today’s modern farming practices, extensive use of pesticides, and change in dietary habits, have extensively depleted our sources of those essential nutrients, making supplementation often necessary.

Spirulina is a micro algae packed with more than 100 nutrients and proteins. An excellent way to cover the essential micro-nutriments our bodies need to be strong and fight external aggressions at the moment.

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